Alpine Readiness In The Rain

Overnight In Cold Rain Weather – Solo Bushcraft Wild Camp, Pot Hanger, Campfire Cooking, Tarp

Out for a solo winter bushcraft overnight in cold wet rainy weather. I put the new frame saw I made to the test in this trip and it peformed really well. In these conditions i used a fallen birch (soaked) for my campfire base and a dead standing pine tree for firewood. I missed the shot of the tree falling, thought i pressed record but did not, bummer. By the way, quick disclaimer.. you are not allowed to cut dead standing trees in Sweden unless you have asked permission.

On this trip I carved a pot hanger (not finished yet) with a dragon like design. The horns are perfect to hold a pot lid while cooking and the whole thing just makes an adjustable pot hanger set up more efficient to cook foods, that require constant pot removal from the fire like the tasty meat stew i was brewing.

The idea for the pot hook is not mine. I like to give credit, where credit is due for ideas. I first saw it on a fellow woodsman I follow on instagram @marriedt2nature ( check him out, great stuff ). Hes original design is reminiscent of a sea horse, while I went with a dragon like concept.

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