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Ken’s Top Ten Camping Tips .wmv

Ten video camping tips made over ten years ago but still relevant today.

#10 – Don’t forget the shovel as it’s great for moving coals from the campfire for foil wrap cooking or digging a hole for your pit BBQ ( ). Also helps with removing tent stakes.
#9 – Make some camp petroglyphs around your camp fire. Make sure to use charcoal so they wash off easily.
#8 – Don’t put grease on the ground. Save it for the evening grease bomb.
See – for how to do that.
#7 – Hot to make a quick and dirty paper towel holder from a coat hanger.
#6 – How to level your stove and other work surfaces with a plate of liquid.
#5 – How to achieve a ‘low’ temperature on your cook stove. ( Use your large cast iron frying pan in place of a grill if you don’t have a grill as shown.)
#4 – Bug control with Listerine and fabric softeners.
#3 – Using the half hitch knot to secure your rope and lines.
#2 – Hang your trash from a limb to get it out of the reach or critters. Consider doing it with a hangmans noose at Halloween.
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