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Homemade Camping Wood Stove Experiment – Low Soot Air Curtain System – MX-Stove Project Part-2

This is a firewood stove for testing. Make it clear that it is not intended for use in actual camping.

In order to prevent blackening by soot of stove glass window on the side of the firewood stove, an independent airflow passage to create an airwash(air curtain) effect has been installed.

A small amount of soot was observed in the upper center of the glass window, but overall, I was able to confirm that the glass remained transparent until the combustion was finished.

I have noticed that it is important to keep the firewood a certain distance away from the glass window to keep the glass window clean.

You may find this article helpful.

What could be causing your stove glass to go black?
Let’s look at some of the main reasons for stove glass to turn black:

Burning unseasoned wood
Perhaps the main cause of blackening of stove glass is the burning of unseasoned wood. All logs should be seasoned – that is cut, chopped and left to air – for at least 12 months to allow the moisture level to drop to around 20-25%. You can check this with a moisture meter.

Using unseasoned wood means energy is used on evaporation rather than burning. This causes an incomplete burn and results in excessive smoke being produced. This settles in the form of soot, tar and creosote inside the flue system and, you guessed it, on the glass.

Incorrect use of airwash
As mentioned above, most wood-burning stoves now come with an airwash system to discourage soot from settling on the glass. If your stove is not functioning like that at the moment, you might be using airwash incorrectly.

You should try to avoid closing the airwash vent completely when the stove is in use or the glass will blacken. Read more on using airwash here.

Fuel touching the glass
If the glass is blackening in just one or two areas rather than across its entire surface, it might be that you are loading fuel too close to the glass, causing the fuel to burn against the glass.

Burning coal
Most stove manufacturers advise against burning regular household coal (bituminous coal) in multi-fuel stoves. Instead, it is advisable to burn smokeless fuels.

Not burning hot enough
If the stove is not operating at optimum temperature (for instance, if you’re trying to have a small fire burning in a big stove), the appliance might not get up to a hot enough temperature for the airwash to function correctly.

Poor draw
If you’ve followed our instructions, double-checked your stove manual for correct usage of the airwash system and ruled out other causes, the problem might be the result of poor draw. In other words, the movement of air from your room, into the stove and up the chimney is not powerful enough.

The poor draw might lead to smoke lingering in the firebox, because it is not being ‘pulled’ up the flue, or prevent the airwash from functioning correctly. Possible solutions are increasing the amount of ventilation in the room or fitting an anti-downdraught chimney cowl.

Why does my woodburner glass turn black and how can I stop it happening?

Thank you for watching.
Always be safe and have a fun camping.
Stay safe.

※ Disclaimer: Using a stove in a confined space can be very dangerous. When using a stove, be sure to ventilate properly and be prepared for fire or other safety accidents. I am not responsible for any loss or injury caused by carelessness.

※ Camera : SONY A7M3

※ Lens : SONY FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM

※ Mic : Rode Videomic NTG

※ Tripod : Leofoto LS-284C

※ Additional info. you may want to know
1. In Korea, for the purpose of forest protection, it is prohibited by law to use fire in mountains, except where permitted.
2. I practice LNT (Leave No Trace).
3. I am a second year camper(since 2019) and I am trying to have a variety of camping experiences. Your advice is always welcome.
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