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~313~ The New Anti-China Military Industrial Complex

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US propaganda and antagonistic attacks toward China have intensified in the age of the Trump administration. The US has started an economic war, closed a Chinese consulate, threatened Chinese academics on student visas, and more. Lee Camp looks at the impacts of this propaganda war and where they’re getting their ammo from. US citizens have reached new highs of unfavorability directed at China due to a lot of factors in the last few years. But the information is coming from a small number of ideologically biased groups. The new Cold War is just another push to preserve the crumbling US Empire.

Also in this episode: Camp dissects the concern that General H. R. McMaster holds for the prospect that the US could decrease the amount of horrific violence it spreads around the world in “Taking The News From Behind.” Naomi Karavani and Camp discuss Google’s newest way of using your date to enhance the police state. “Reverse Warrants” are used by law enforcement when they ask Google for which users have searched certain terms or been in certain places in a specific time frame. The existence of this type of intelligence gathering opens serious questions about privacy and technology in the modern world. The situation is so out of control that Google employees have helped raise the alarm. Natalie McGill reports on a push from the Department of Homeland Security to scrub complaints about their activities, Facebook spreading climate disinformation ads funded by right wing organizations, and more.

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