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Snugpak softie elite 4 | 4 season sleeping bag | Winter wild camping gear

A look at the Snugpak softie elite 4 sleeping bag, a 4 season sleeping bag with a comfort rating of -10 degrees C, under 2kg and a manageable pack size.

A quick comparison to the OEX EV fathom 400, another 4 season rated sleeping bag with a comfort rating of -1 degrees C which I use as my spring to autumn bag.

I’ve not used the snugpak softie elite 4 yet but I’ve had a lot of experience with using snugpak sleeping bags in cold weather conditions, but this is just my initial thoughts on what i believe is a good quality 4 season sleeping bag that i purchased at a decent price.

Comfort ratings should be taken with a pinch of salt and you should try using the sleeping bag in warmer conditions before using it in freezing conditions to get a feel for the bag and it’s performance, always take extra layers, blanket, Bivi bag clothes, hat, gloves etc when camping in the winter incase you get caught out and the temperature is colder than expected, theres nothing worse than being cold on a wild camp through the night.

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