How To Camp

Beginner’s Guide to Camping

From what to bring to best practices in the great outdoors, learn how to gear up for your next camping trip with our beginner’s guide to camping.

What to Pack:
– Tent
– Sleeping Bag
– Cooler
– Food & Water
– Lanterns & Flashlights
– Bug Spray & Sunscreen
– First Aid Kit

Where to Camp :
– Do a little research on where you’re camping. Are there reservations needed? Any special rules & regulations?
– Give yourself enough time to set up your campsite before sunset. It’s not as easy in the dark.

Choosing a Tent:
– A tent’s person capacity is based on the number of sleeping bags that can fit inside. If you need extra room to store your gear or like your tent a bit more roomy, choose a larger capacity than the number of people who will be actually sleeping in it.
– There are many options for your sleeping area in addition to a sleeping bag. Popular choices include air mattresses, cots, and sleeping pads.
– Depending on the weather conditions or time of year in which you’re camping, be sure that the sleeping bag you choose has enough insulation for nighttime temperatures.

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