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Fraser Island (K’Gari is the indigenous name) is a part of Australia I try to come back to at least once a year. This world heritage listed Island is the biggest sand island in the world stretching over 120km and offers an incredible variety of terrain, from sandy white beaches to crystal clear turquoise water on the sheltered west coast, to the inland rainforest with several hundred-year-old trees, crystal clear creeks you can drink out, the many incredible inland lakes like Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby or Ocean Lake. On the west coast, you can watch big manta rays and sharks just swimming past you lying on the beach. Fraser Island also still houses several shipwrecks the most well known is the Maheno but there are more wrecks like the Ceratodus and the Palmer if you know where to look.

We start from Hervey Bay and explore the West Coast of Fraser island visite the Palmer and Ceratodus Shipwreck, Scotty is eaten alive by Sandflies, and I get properly stuck in Quicksand and nearly lose my camera. We encounter remnants of the big Storms which hit the Island and block our tracks and need to negotiate bonnet deep water crossings. Next is a beautiful less seen inland lake which we recon is nearly as beautiful as Lake Mckenzie. We visit Eli Creek and camp close by and have two quite unpleasant and potentially dangerous Dingo encounters.

For this trip, I’m also testing a Lanox underbody rust protection application as well as the magnetic BushBarriers which are supposed to protect your car from pinstriping. We also offer plenty of Tips and Tricks about camping and Fraser Island.

Follow us on this incredible adventure exploring Fraser island.

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